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Joshua Kutras Shark City HC!!!!!! Nice and fuckin heavy. Favorite track: Death Infinite.
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Six tracks exploring the polarizing emotions faced, coming of age in post 911 America, experiencing the growing divide of the wage/wealth gap, police accountability, and endless global military "conflicts".


released May 27, 2016

All music and lyrics by Dolores
Recorded at Whiskey Dick Studio in Fremont, CA
Engineered by Stephen Hawkins



all rights reserved


Dolores San Jose, California

This San Jose four piece brings a breath of fresh air to Bay Area heavy music. Blending maniacal songwriting with a barbaric style that incorporates the many aspects of hardcore and the infusion of metal, Dolores is sure to leave not one body in their wake unscathed. ... more

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Track Name: Static Anthem
Static Anthem

All my lifetime, burnt by torches,
lived this system that tears us down 
False perceptions, unlearned lessons,
years of hardship, turned my to stone 

Can't find my way out, has this happened to you? 
The mystery of the form, that left me years ago 
The blood of my mother, a death into rebirth 
The wolf in captain's clothing, the fashion of fascists 

Beware the men who come for you 
Beware the men who come for you and yours 


All my lifetime, burnt by torches,
lived this system that tears us down 
From the ground up, strength in numbers,
broken silence, can't stop us now 

can't stop us now
Track Name: Death Infinite
Death Infinite
Decisions of our passed lives, resonates replicates
Conforming to the status quo is sabotage, because

All this has happened before x4

And it'll happened again, this is no victory
We're lying to ourselves if we dont break their mold

All this has happened before x4

Our bones tell the story when words are at a lose

Steadily walking the path of the unseen
as they place their richest before me
I am nobody and you are everything I hate
the street resembles the Nile
prince or pauper all are equal in death,sweet death
a doom for all but not to know the time or the place

All this has happened before X4

They speak with fear and lies
Only the meek know life on the other side

Our bones tell the story when words are at a lose

We are a testament
Track Name: Comatose

Warnings left unanswered, blinded by television screens
Still a witness to this evil, numb to the bone
Emotions atrophied

Treading water trying to keep my head above the tide
Afraid drowning is inevitable

Slipping away
If I light this fire, Ill burn the word to ashes
I've tried so hard, cleanse myself of these regrets


Slipping away
Do we remember, and build a monument
Do we press on, redesign our new future


I should have woken sooner, sleepwalking my life away

Track Name: Beyond Legacy
Beyond Legacy
What have you done with your life?
What will you leave behind?

Who will tell your story
When you are dead and gone?
Are you above regret?
Do your choices haunt you everyday?

When life is falling apart do you fold or go all in?
All in!!!

Legacy is what I leave behind,
Bloodlines memories,
this life i built with my own two hands.


Fading a drift in ethereal light.
As your body's laid to rest as it rots in the afterlife.
Your flesh can not serve as a lasting monument,
the only thing that remains is your NAME.
You will know our name

[Verse II-Chorus]
Track Name: Overseer
Hate builds in my fist and heart
Swine, ruiner of all life
Keeping their coffers filled
For their modern day kings

Patience, Plotting, Rebellion, Takes hold

They say things will get better in time
but tomorrow you seem so far away
Do we sit in silence and swallow our apathy
Are we to be mindless and follow
all the words you say

This can be a brand new day
If only we wash it away, wash it away
If we take it back

Overthrow, with numbers they have no control
Patience, Plotting, Rebellion, Takes hold x2

Take it back x4

When we stand in silence, we stand for nothing x4

Take it back, from the controllers